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The Soul of Equine Therapy: Mision Rancho Lupita Equinoterapia

Just the touch of an animal to your skin sets off neurological receptors that activate brain function to bring about balance, happiness and healing.

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Building Service One Roof At A Time

If you see a group of folks with building tools and trucks, if you hear an occasional burst of laughter amidst the hard work, you may be experiencing the outreach program of West Main Church of Christ volunteer building team erecting a home for a family in need in San Felipe, BC, MX. Comprised of […]

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A Chance For Service

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”  Kahlil Gibran A Second Chance Resale Shop has opened in San Felipe, BC, MX. It is staffed by all volunteers. Its inventory is all donations. Its […]

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Why Do We Volunteer? An Interview With The Smiths

  Why Do We Volunteer? The answer to this question is what you would expect from Terry and Teresa Smith. It makes total sense. Their cool reasonable approach is what has sustained the Smiths from their humble beginnings to their now active retirement.  Teresa Smith is the President of The Rotary Club of San Felipe […]

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What Inspires Me To Volunteer? by Susan Young

Susan Young is a Facilitator for Volunteers Without Limits, a writer and administrator to the Reluctant Fundraiser, philanthropist, resident of San Felipe, BC, MX, and eternally kind heart. “What inspired/inspires me to volunteer? Most of my life was very “me-centered”. I was the youngest child, born into my parents’ more affluent years. As a result […]

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Leadership and Commitment in Education

“I believe every child deserves the best. This is what we are working for.” Hilario Campista, Co-Founder San Felipe, BC, MX is a small fishing village by the sea of Cortez.  Its population is small but its commitment to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants, especially its children, is great.  The San Felipe […]

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