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Characteristics Of A Flying Carpet

Tips on how to fly a carpet sent by The Juachi modified and translated from an original article written by Alfonso Adolfo.   Characteristics Of A Flying Carpet: 1/Must be small size if possible. 2/The quality is of no matter for there are many good tapestries and other modest ones that can fly easily. 3/Travel […]

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“Once Upon A Time” Power to Write Our New Year

A resolution is a way to begin a new year.  If we can resolve to make a new, and we accept this to be, are we not writers of our own story?– Sown Seeds “Once Upon A Time” is an accepted expression of storytelling. It is the conventional literary entrance to fantastical tales and imaginary […]

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“A Day At The Beach”

Anastasia McNeal is a guest writer who shares her gentle observations of life through prose. A DAY AT THE BEACH by Anastasia McNeal He wants to drink from the little stream urgently today; it’s too hot, even in our canopied forest. As is our routine now, I carry him like a cherished, delicate old doll […]

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