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The Soul of Equine Therapy: Mision Rancho Lupita Equinoterapia

Just the touch of an animal to your skin sets off neurological receptors that activate brain function to bring about balance, happiness and healing.

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Sown Seeds personal re-creation

“My Gold Coast– Baja: A Practical Guide” by Susan Mahalick

Mahalick captures the courage, humor and resolve that drive her- and many men and women like her- to experience life abroad. Available on Amazon.

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A Chance For Service

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”  Kahlil Gibran A Second Chance Resale Shop has opened in San Felipe, BC, MX. It is staffed by all volunteers. Its inventory is all donations. Its […]

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Why Do We Volunteer? An Interview With The Smiths

  Why Do We Volunteer? The answer to this question is what you would expect from Terry and Teresa Smith. It makes total sense. Their cool reasonable approach is what has sustained the Smiths from their humble beginnings to their now active retirement.  Teresa Smith is the President of The Rotary Club of San Felipe […]

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The Tattooed Lady

Shoulder Tattoo compliments of Irene Smith The Tattooed Lady Although a familiar and accepted modern trend, tattoos have not always been as positively received as they are today. Tribally used to denote stature and honor, tattoos were a major part of the indigent peoples of Africa, South America and the Caribbean lending a sense of […]

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The Big Top Is the Big Bottom for Circus Animals

The Big Top Is The Big Bottom  for Circus Animals The circus is in town to entertain us. Trailers with monkeys and tigers arrive and park on the side of the road or pull into the Big Top. You can’t miss them. It is certainly something very different to see. Totally out of normal experience. […]

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