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The Soul of Equine Therapy: Mision Rancho Lupita Equinoterapia

Just the touch of an animal to your skin sets off neurological receptors that activate brain function to bring about balance, happiness and healing.

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Sown Seeds Personal Re-Creation

An Awakening by Anna Zimmerman

“My spirit has been restored to joy. I feel the child I was, the spirit I came in as, and I feel the circle that’s been made.” Anna Zimmerman writes of her awareness on awakening.

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Sown Seeds personal re-creation

“My Gold Coast– Baja: A Practical Guide” by Susan Mahalick

Mahalick captures the courage, humor and resolve that drive her- and many men and women like her- to experience life abroad. Available on Amazon.

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Spay and Neuter Clinics Effect Change in La Mision Community of Baja CA

The signs that an animal clinic had been held were everywhere. A dog sat outside a friend’s doorway with shaved front paws. Another neighbor apologized for their cats’ unusual shyness. “They’re kind of out of it. They just got back from the clinic.” On January 6,   a low cost spay and neuter clinic was held […]

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“A Man Transformed To Help Animals” by Stacey DiTata

I approached a street vendor…He revealed his story of deep transformation and recovery and how his feelings toward animals changed.

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