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to sow: (verb) to scatter or plant for growing; to spread or scatter; to broadcast; to disseminate; to propagate; to implant or inculcate

seed: (noun) the part of a flowering plant that typically contains the embryo with its protective coat and stored food and that will develop into a new plant if sown…the source, origin or beginning of anything

Everything starts as a seed needing nourishment and the proper environment to flourish and grow.

“Sown Seeds” is an online nexus point for like-minded people who seek to plant creative thoughts to open mind and promote creative pathways toward healing ourselves and our world.

These creative pathways flow into areas of health (our own, the environment); our relationship to our planet (animal life, each other); the art and literature we seek; the fashion and style we choose, the food we eat, the places we go….

The Flow is the Spirit that parents our intention to open and grow.

“Sown Seeds” is an investigation into the inherently healing interplay of Body, Nature and Spirit.

If you would like to submit articles to support this growing awareness, please email share@sownseeds.com.

Let’s plant a seed.

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