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Horse Is Power and Freedom

Wendy Doman is a guest writer and Holistic health practitioner and spiritual teacher. Her business is called “Crystal Blue Healing and Teaching”. She shares her 20 years of experience and knowledge in healing to help her clients heal emotionally, spiritually and physically. Horse represents Power, Freedom, Loyalty, Wisdom, Strength and Travel. Actually horse is one […]

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Teresa Crane is a guest writer and spiritualist who uses the tarot to share her observations of the metaphysical.   “September” XIX Awakening/The Sun “The Sun is the radiating Light of Lifeforce come to Earth…  It is transformative as well as life-giving.  We can use its energy (in a spiritual sense) to claim ‘there is no more […]

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Reflection and Choice

“Reflection holds you in the warm glow of Time. It is a momentary pause to pivot on point and to consider life’s projection from its shadow.” -Stacey DiTata Feature Writer and Editor of Sown Seeds

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