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Sown Seeds Personal Re-Creation

An Awakening by Anna Zimmerman

“My spirit has been restored to joy. I feel the child I was, the spirit I came in as, and I feel the circle that’s been made.” Anna Zimmerman writes of her awareness on awakening.

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Sownseeds Personal Re-Creation

An Awakening by Zoli Zocholl

“i have always had a desire to teach “truth”, but i had much difficulty in finding same…now, i know the “truth”…Zoli Zocholl shares his journey to awakening through his experience being struck with transverse myelitis –spinal cord inflammation– linings of nerves destroyed causing paralysis and organ malfunctioning. Unknown cause.

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Our Full and Amazing Heart

Teresa Crane is a guest writer and spiritualist who shares her intuitive approach to mind and life healing. It has been said that we are all born with a full heart and it can never be emptied.  Now, that’s quite a statement, isn’t it? Every heart is full of desire and knows exactly what it […]

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“Captured Tears, Smiles and Laughter” by Marsha Newman

Marsha Newman’s poem appears in her new book “Until the Last Petal Falls.” Capturing the tears of my life, my cup is full.  Vivid memories touched my heart & made me look into its deepest corners, igniting the spirit of life.  Capturing the smiles & laughter has filled the oceans of my soul, inspiring me, […]

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Characteristics Of A Flying Carpet

Tips on how to fly a carpet sent by The Juachi modified and translated from an original article written by Alfonso Adolfo.   Characteristics Of A Flying Carpet: 1/Must be small size if possible. 2/The quality is of no matter for there are many good tapestries and other modest ones that can fly easily. 3/Travel […]

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Forgiveness: A Gift To Ourselves

A Rune–  meaning “secret, something hidden”– comprised an early Germanic alphabet which was considered both magical and literate.  Author Ralph H. Blum has written beautiful interpretations of healing runes which comprise his book “The Healing Runes.”  Those on a spiritual path use these runes as tools to discover more about themselves. “Forgiveness”  is one of […]

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