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The Soul of Equine Therapy: Mision Rancho Lupita Equinoterapia

Just the touch of an animal to your skin sets off neurological receptors that activate brain function to bring about balance, happiness and healing.

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Sown Seeds personal re-creation

Celtic Cloth Revealed

Necessity reveals a stunning image and opens a personal investigation into the nature of male and female energies.

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Flower Essence Therapy: Lavender

Wendy Doman is a guest writer and Holistic health practitioner and spiritual teacher. Her healing practice is called “Crystal Blue Healing and Teaching” located in San Felipe, BC, MX. She shares her 20 years of experience and knowledge in healing to help her clients heal emotionally, spiritually and physically. She shares the healing properties of […]

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Yoga and the Heart

Holly Rios danced around a yoga practice for years before finally settling into a flow that was based on simplifying the concept of what it meant to be a dedicated yogini. Simplifying led to expansion and expansion led to joyfully guiding eight group yoga practices a week. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo DaVinci […]

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“Captured Tears, Smiles and Laughter” by Marsha Newman

Marsha Newman’s poem appears in her new book “Until the Last Petal Falls.” Capturing the tears of my life, my cup is full.  Vivid memories touched my heart & made me look into its deepest corners, igniting the spirit of life.  Capturing the smiles & laughter has filled the oceans of my soul, inspiring me, […]

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“I Believe I’m Alive… Because” by Marsha Newman

Marsha Newman’s poem appears in her new book “Until the Last Petal Falls.” I believe  I’m alive, because with each sunrise that greets me I breathe colors… the gold of the sun, the blue of the sea. I believe I’m alive, because I see rainbows, the birth of the stars & the man in the […]

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