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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: At the Circus Fernando: The Ringmaster (1887-88)

This painting asks the viewer: How are we the circus leader? The acrobat? What is our relationship to animal? Of where are we the center of our circus?

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Homily For Teaching

Bruce C. Ditata is a retired teacher of Moderate Special Needs. He spent thirty years in the profession and, currently, retains a link with children through part-time work as a tutor. “Our profession is now under siege. Teachers and their unions are increasingly being made to be scapegoats for everything that is perceived to be […]

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Leadership and Commitment in Education

“I believe every child deserves the best. This is what we are working for.” Hilario Campista, Co-Founder San Felipe, BC, MX is a small fishing village by the sea of Cortez.  Its population is small but its commitment to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants, especially its children, is great.  The San Felipe […]

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