Surf Restaurant Uses Ocean Friendly Straw

ocean friendly straws-sown seeds

Stainless Steel Straws make a difference in saving our oceans.

Cerveceria Surf Sushi Bar in Rosarito, Baja California cares about making sustainable choices for our ocean. They have made the bold decision to serve their refreshing drinks with stainless steel straws.

Their staff is very aware of the fragile ocean ecology.  They eagerly share ways to help save the planet’s oceans like their choice to use sustainable farm raised shrimp rather than wild shrimp.

Restaurants are the major contributor to plastic waste that end up choking, puncturing and strangling life that call the ocean their home.

The most significant thing we all can do to save our oceans is to give up straws. Straws are a “gateway plastic” because giving up a plastic straw makes it easier to give up other types of plastic. For instance, this restaurant also made the choice to switch from styrofoam take out boxes to compostable paper.

Cerveceria Surf leads the pack with making sustainable choices. They partner with other restaurants to learn ways to shift to other more ocean friendly choices. The management reaches out for more food places to join the group of Ocean Friendly Restaurants. Ask for Vino Stanfield or other management staff for more information. They are eager to share their eco-friendly knowledge.

ocean friendly straws-sownseedsThey are located at KM41 on Carretera Libre Tijuana Rosarito- Ensenada. They are a Brewery, Sushi Restaurant and Beer Bar. Find them on Facebook.


ocean friendly straws-sown seeds

Let’s do our part so we can continue to enjoy the gifts of the oceans.

For product alternatives to plastic straws, try

To learn the 7 ways you can help save our oceans,


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