Permaculture: A Work in Paradise

Positive change is all around us and at our fingertips.
Alessandro Bhai is a Permaculturist.
What is permaculture?
The proper definition says: It is a form of agricultural cultivation
that examines nature’s pattern to maintain permanent sustainability.
Alessandro Bhai says: It is the study of Life where everyone and
everything work together to create paradise.

Alessandro Bhai and his family moved to BAJA California and has lived around the world in Italy, India, and the US. He has accumulated knowledge along his journey and has blossomed into a local expert on Permaculture. He has transformed a neighbor’s backyard into a ‘food forest’ full of vegetables, fruits and herbs.  He has created a spiral herb permaculture garden for a friend and neighbor. He is planning another down the street. He hopes to teach all how to sustain themselves.

When asked why here? He says:  “I like the freedom. What is hard here inspires you to grow.” And then adds jokingly, “Nobody can ruin the desert.” (He’s funny. He’s Italian.)

He is especially proud of his dirt. “I remade this dirt to make life.” The mulch was made from a mixture of things that were thrown away like palms, sticks, tree stumps and branches. It reminds me that positive change is like the dirt, all around us and at our fingertips.

Important to Permaculture:
Observation/ Watching what the plants like and going with it. It isn’t always kept and pretty. In fact he likes it when it isn’t. He would like to keep the garden free and wild like nature and what is
indigenous to the soil. He speaks of letting go a lot. Alessandro is
comfortable with freedom and it shows in his garden. He notices what makes plants happy and he does more of that. It is common sense. Maybe something that has been lost in our industrial system of processed foods.
Recycling/ Everything gets reused and repurposed even rainwater.  My favorite nature tip is his cauldron of manures. A mixture of horse, chicken, goat, sheep, and cow dung.  He warns me. “It’s really smelly but this is how you grow things.”
His food forest includes vegetables and fruits and some flowers. He
does prefer the flowers you can eat but he does make exceptions. There is a lot of compassion and care too. He and his wife wish to make everyone a spiral herb permaculture garden specific to the person’s needs. He hands me CODA DE CAVALO – horsetail and swears it cures arthritis. They have a list of all the herbs and their cures.
Cloning/ All the plants are cloned or seeded from foods that he and his family eat. Like the onions.  You eat the outside of the onion and save the center bulb to plant. One onion will give you a garden full of onions. And the potatoes! Spliced, rooted and planted. One potato can give you 64. Catching on?

This is the power of Synergy.  Abundance. It will define a new and
necessary system to live and survive.

Its industry is working together. Its fuel is cooperation. Its harvest is planetary health.

A hippy dream?

No way.

Permaculture Institutes are located everywhere in the world. India.
Italy. Even close by. San Diego. Tecate. Tijuana. This is a global
effort! And for it to work, we all have to believe in it.
Alessandro calls his garden magical. Why? “Because it does everything by itself.”

If we let go, observe and honor the earth, we can create  perfect sustenance and world.

Contact Alessandro Bhai in BAJA at 646-198-7090 (Mexico) or message him on Facebook.

To learn more about the principles of permaculture, visit

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