An Awakening by Zoli Zocholl

Sown Seeds Personal Re-Creation

Zoli Zocholl

Zoli Zocholl shares his journey to awakening through his experience being struck with transverse myelitis, a spinal cord inflammatory disease that causes pain, paralysis and organ malfunction. 

“when i was struck down, i knew it would be a rich and enlightening experience…i kept saying “at the highest level of thinking” that this was so…by grace, i did not die……through it all i learned about neurology and many other medical specialties, ct’s and mri’s, physical therapy, and the long journey of recovery (which continues)…now three years later, after cycling bouts of depression and enlightenment, i have come to know that i was given this condition to set an example on how to remain happy, joyful and positive in spite of pain and disability… i have always had a desire to teach “truth”, but i had much difficulty in finding same…now, i know the “truth”…it is that, “i do, in fact, create my own reality”…i asked for and received one of the most rare conditions so that i could experience these “contrasts”…i now fully accept and embrace my present situation…

I AM recovering and see myself as having a joyful journey for the remainder of my blessed physical life…thank you, source creator of all the universe, for a great ride…grateful in all things…zoli loves you (zly)…”

You can read more of the enlightening messages on Facebook.

Re:Healing is a closed group where members share a broad range of ideas and concepts of spiritual and physical healing…

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