“My Gold Coast– Baja: A Practical Guide” by Susan Mahalick

Susan Mahalick has pulled together her personal experiences of living in Northern Baja California in her book “My Gold Coast– Baja: A Personal Guide”.   She captures the courage, humor and resolve that drive her- and many men and women like her- to experience life abroad.

Sown Seeds personal re-creation

“I started writing about Baja because it is a place I love and thrive.” Purchase on Amazon.

The breakdown of chapters makes it easy to follow. Practical guides to basic needs are covered in chapters entitled: Health Insurance, Medical Services, Shopping for Food, Getting Money from the US.

It isn’t just a ‘how-to book.’ It gets more fun when the author shares a little of her humorous personality in the chapter, “Men and the Middle Aged Woman in Baja.”

My favorites are the ones that invite the reader to experience Baja with openness and awe like “The Man from Nowhere—Powerful Spiritual Healer in Mexico.” And, “A Little Known Tribe in Kumiai in Guadalupe Valley.”

This book is one that is both practical and fun. It is written in a style that is breezy and softly witty like the author.

It may inspire you to imagine a life beyond the one you had planned.

Purchase “My Gold Coast–Baja: A Practical Guide” on Amazon.


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