“Gypsy Moms” by Cynthia Allawas Darby

Sown Seeds personal re-creationCynthia Allawas Darby is a writer, world traveler and self-empowered professional. Most importantly, she is a mother of three. She shares this entry from her collection of prose.

“Gypsy Mom’s” by Cynthia Allawas Darby

To those of us mom’s who aren’t the “June Cleavers” of the world.. who keep looking over that other hill.. or just “over there”.. wondering… thinking.. “what if”..

To those of us mom’s who ever sat at a red light.. alone in our cars.. and thought.. “you know.. I could just keep on driving”…

To those of us mom’s who sometimes think that we just can’t go to another game.. or practice… get up at 6am to get screaming, fighting kids ready for school.. cook another mac’ n cheese and hot dog meal… or wipe the sand off of our clothes..

To those of us single mom’s who sometimes cry at night, wondering if we will have the strength to do it all again in a few hours..

To those of us mom’s of teenagers who bite our tongues till it bleeds for fear of going too far and saying something we’ll regret to the sassy teen who won’t let up on us…

To those of us mom’s who thank GOD when those teens get their drivers license so we can get some peace, only to realize the agony of waiting to hear the car engine pull up in the drive way….

To those of us moms who lay awake on the weekends.. hoping that they keep curfew… and get up when they walk in just to check their eyes.. and try to get a sniff of their breath because they’ve all but stopped talking to us.. unless its to ask for gas money or money period… who watch as their young man/woman struggle with one foot in adulthood and the other still in childhood..

To those of us mom’s who try to hold them through their first heartbreak.. or try hard not to..

To those of us single mom’s who couldn’t do it anymore and turned that teen over to their dad..

To those of us single mom’s who knew if we didn’t turn that teen over to their dad, we would lose them forever…

To those of us mom’s who try to help our young adult find their first place to live on their own, choosing our words carefully so that they don’t do the exact opposite that you want for them because “they can”…

We were women before we became mother’s.. we will still be women long after we have no more children in our homes.

For those of us mom’s who have a wanderlust for life and to see “the other side of the hill”… who are counting the days until that last child turns 18.. who can’t WAIT to be freed to finally get the chance to live our lives how we choose, to finally get back into shape again… to travel, to find our own love again.. to be “woman, lover, sexy, well dressed world traveler”..

We are no less a June Cleaver.. than June Cleaver herself.. maybe our homes are in disarray.. maybe we aren’t the greatest of cooks.. and sometimes our kids eat cereal for dinner.. and wear mismatched socks to school.. but I will tell you one thing..

There is no DOUBT in my children’s minds or hearts that they indeed are the very beat of my heart.. my world.. and my first priority.. until I can start letting them go into adulthood.. slowly becoming less and less dependent on me..

For even though I am not a June Cleaver, I am the PERFECT MOTHER for my children, and so are you for your children.

Gypsy mom’s… we are whole and perfect and complete just as we are.


Deeeeep sigh….   I think God, your higher power, energy or the universe, in its infinite wisdom makes teenagers so horrible so we can let go of that baby we so fell in love with… no matter how many times I go through it, It feels like the first time all over again.  I raised 4 sons, 3 to which I gave birth, and my youngest is a senior in HS and will be 18 in two months (June) and he reminds me every FRIKKEN day!! He is the only one left at home now..  They all did it.. and they all settle back down.. I miss my babies..  and I am so proud of my honorable young men.. and I am tired..
© 2008 Cynthia A Darby. All Rights Reserved.


Sown Seeds personal re-creation

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