Celtic Cloth Revealed

sown seeds personal re-creation

A Celtic Lovers Image by Welsh Artist Jen Delyth

Stacey DiTata is Feature Writer and Editor of Sown Seeds.com.

This cloth was purchased years ago and lie packed away with other treasured textiles. Out of creative necessity, I pulled it out to use as a curtain in my office. Hung up and open, it reveals this stunning and powerful image.

The image shows two figures- presumably a man and a woman- holding tightly to each other by the wrist and ankle encircled by a braided serpent. To me the man- or left figure- is represented in more comfortable ways. His gaze is easier and more relaxed. His head even appears smaller. The woman’s gaze with her slanted brow is severe and intense appearing dominant in the composition. His vertebra resolves in a stacked geometric pattern. Hers zigzags snakelike throughout her body.

Although both anatomies are transparent, the female abdomen is more active and vacuous. Could this be symbolic of the way emotions twist and contort yet open us up to reveal us honestly? Doesn’t the active nature of the zigzag draw us in? Possibly the way emotions draw us into our relationship with Life? The transparency is the awareness of our experience. The zigzag is the pulsing vibration.

And what of the geometric pattern blocked so balanced and calm within the left figure? It too is transparent; however, not as revealing as the female figure. And what of gender? Are they male and female? Isn’t that a simplification of the dynamic tensions that exist in nature- not gender trapped– that resolve in balance and equality?

For me, the beauty is in the honesty of expression and its balanced resolution.

Special thanks to Cami Renfrow and all others who help me in my journey.

The Seven Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening

Celtic Art by Welsh artist Jen Delyth

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One Comment on “Celtic Cloth Revealed”

  1. Teresa Crane
    February 27, 2015 at 6:28 am #

    It appears the wavy, snake-like backbone of the feminine side is probably Kundalini, and since Serpent is a Divine Feminine representation…but also, the wavy line is a feminine representation on its own as well…not so linear, as the geometric shapes are. Left brain, right brain. We need both. And I recently learned there is a little more of that ‘dark’ that is the feminine in the ‘balance’ of the two. Beautiful cloth to have hanging to see every day. ;-D Anyhoo, how you be, sweetheart? Hope all is well in your world and you are happily living The Life. Hugs, Teresa Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19:36:03 +0000 To: teresa.crane@msn.com

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