MeXOXO Seeks to Make Rosarito Beach Part of 100 Resilient Cities Program

MeXOXO is a non-profit organization whose whose goal is to empower women to become social entrepreneurs.


Visit their website

The effort to grow community and global awareness to the power of LOVE as the basic founding principle of business is a passion for Anastasia Elpida Harner, Marilyn Helgeson and the non-profit organization MEXOXO. Their tireless efforts to develop a resilient social network of women entrepreneurs are as widespread as the welcoming greeting of the statue of Jesus in their home community of Rosarito Beach.  Marilyn Helgeson, Community Director, writes:

“Seems significant to be living just below the left hand of Jesus. As part of our Clinton Global Initiative strategizing, we’re thinking up ways we can get Rosarito noticed by the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program. If we could get Buddha, Mohammad and a few other significant old souls up there with Jesus, we might have it aced.”

Photo courtesy of "Once Upon a Time in Rosarito"

Photo courtesy of “Once Upon a Time in Rosarito”

To follow the progress of this community non-profit that is gaining global momentum for Rosarito Beach and women all over the world, visit their website

To purchase the book of the philosophy and business plan to eradicate poverty on our planet, #Genetically Modifying Organisms of Love, visit Amazon.

Support women entrepreneurs of Baja at the “Women Entrepreneurs of Baja Awards” by purchasing a ticket to the January 31st event.

Sliding Header Featured Christ Photo courtesy of Virtual Tourist.


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