Why Do We Volunteer? An Interview With The Smiths


Teresa and Terry Smith

Teresa and Terry Smith

Why Do We Volunteer?

The answer to this question is what you would expect from Terry and Teresa Smith. It makes total sense.

Their cool reasonable approach is what has sustained the Smiths from their humble beginnings to their now active retirement.  Teresa Smith is the President of The Rotary Club of San Felipe and Terry Smith (or Mr T, The Original) is the President of VIVA– Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals.

Their leadership and hard work go hand and hand with generosity and compassion.

The Smiths dig deep to answer the question: Why do we volunteer?  Terry hesitates then responds, “It is the need to do something more. I can help do this better.” It is almost an ‘aha’ moment to him but not to us.  Those that know the Smiths can say that Mr. T’s eagerness to help, effects positive change. Teresa’s quiet strength supports his eagerness. Their cool heads and warm hearts currently help lead a community in the humanitarian fight on poverty and the struggle to improve the condition of animals in San Felipe, BC, MX. Teresa shares that she and her husband have given to causes for the past thirty years beginning in Oakland, CA and expanding to animal and humanitarian efforts locally and globally. They admit that they learn about many of these things from TV.

The simplicity of their response is what is so resounding. For them it was the simple realization that once you have worked hard to acquire what you need, you help others with some of the rest. Certainly not a small feat, but something if shared globally could change our planet.

It makes total sense. Like the Smiths.

To read more about The Rotary Club of San Felipe, BC, MX, visit them on
To read more about VIVA and their volunteer efforts to help the animals of San Felipe, BC, MX, visit www.myvivasf.com.

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