“Until The Last Petal Falls” by Marsha Newman

Marsha Marsha Newman gathers her poetry in a book entitled  “Until The Last Petal Falls”.  She writes her life reflections and her growth towards awareness with delicacy and sincerity.

My inner spirit is freedom,giving a hundred smiles and a thousand emotions.The truth of this woman is beyond the depth of my rose & embers burn.

I am captured forever with the light of the moon & stars, the warmth of the sun, the colors of the rainbow. My garden is full with colors of life and I share freely.

Our memories are such precious treasures, they are the single gift we take from this journey called life! Today is where new memories are made, new beginnings, new chapters, a rose of another fragrance, a rose of deeper color… with blood from the thorns of adversity. 

The rose I am today has lived life, full of great memories. This, however, is the season of my blooming, the time to share all life’s  wisdom, beauty and mystical skies with the promise of tomorrow’s sunrise.

I give you the rose I am today… until the last petal falls.  Sunshine

To learn more about her book “Until the Last Petal Falls,” please fill our  contact form below.

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Categories: Prose, Word Wisdoms


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