Characteristics Of A Flying Carpet

flying carpet title image sizedTips on how to fly a carpet sent by The Juachi modified and translated from an original article written by Alfonso Adolfo.


Characteristics Of A Flying Carpet:

1/Must be small size if possible.

2/The quality is of no matter for there are many good tapestries and other modest ones that can fly easily.

3/Travel must be individual.  No one can accompany you.

4/If you use a prayer tapestry to fly, mark an address clearly on it.

5/The magic phrase of the Qur’an is recited: surahs 113 and 114.

6/For mystical flight, you must come to the fourth degree of perfection. The sixth degree is physical flight or astral travel.

7/A flying carpet is recognized by its wear.  Worn corners are characteristic of frequent travel.

8/Clear bands appearing in perpendicular stripes in the direction of flight are also signs of frequent travel.

9/A flying carpet is not usually worn in the center. If it looks worn in the middle, especially where you pray, it is not good carpet for the flight.

10/Like the mystic who uses it, the fiber of the carpet  ages rapidly with flight. Flying, in general, shortens physical life.

11/A simple mat at of straw or wicker can also fly.

Good Tips.  I hope they serve you well. Greetings. The Juachi

 T o read the original text of Alfonso Adolfo in Spanish, please visit

 To read more about the history of flying carpets, visit


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