Forgiveness: A Gift To Ourselves

rune chart

A Rune–  meaning “secret, something hidden”– comprised an early Germanic alphabet which was considered both magical and literate.  Author Ralph H. Blum has written beautiful interpretations of healing runes which comprise his book “The Healing Runes.”  Those on a spiritual path use these runes as tools to discover more about themselves. “Forgiveness”  is one of these runes:

“A life in transition draws upon Forgiveness in order to make peace with the past. Receiving this Rune, you are asked to consider: Who is it that calls out to you for Forgiveness? To whom do you call out?

To all of you who find the courage in your heart to forgive those who betrayed you, this Rune brings a blessing.

Forgiving someone who hurt you, and making amends— these are two faces of Forgiveness. There is a third face as veil: Consider whether receiving this Rune, at this moment, nay be an invitation to extend Forgiveness to yourself.

Drawing the Rune of Forgiveness is an opportunity to con­sider the situations in your life where you have been thought­less, unkind or mean-spirited. What can you do to make amends? Do you need to write a letter, sit face to face, or sim­ply speak openly to that person, ask for their Forgiveness and give them your blessing?

It has been said that to cling to resentment is to harbor a thief in your heart. For resentment robs you of your energy, your strength, your peace of mind and, ultimately, your abil­ity to heal. It is not part of our nature to withhold Forgiveness.

And yet, to those of you for whom Forgiveness is impossi­ble, this Rune brings a double blessing: one for the courage it took to close the door on the past; another for your willing­ness to go on and live your life.

There is one more blessing in this Rune. It is for those who have the courage to brave the fearsome seas of anger and rage and, in time, arrive upon Forgiveness’ safe shore.

Take this moment, the Rune of Forgiveness counsels, to begin cleaning out the old. And if you have already begun, be gentle with yourself, it takes time to release the past.

Let it be said this way: As I cultivate my own nature, all else follows.

This Rune would be incomplete without an image of For­giveness as the scales upon which our lives are balanced: Joy in forgiving, and joy at being forgiven, hang level in the balances of love.”

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