What Inspires Me To Volunteer? by Susan Young

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Susan Young is a Facilitator for Volunteers Without Limits, a writer and administrator to the Reluctant Fundraiser, philanthropist, resident of San Felipe, BC, MX, and eternally kind heart.

“What inspired/inspires me to volunteer?

Most of my life was very “me-centered”. I was the youngest child, born into my parents’ more affluent years. As a result growing up I had almost everything I wanted.

In my early adult years I experienced a few years of need but even then my periods of unemployment were short lived and there weren’t many days when the cupboards were bare and I wasn’t sure where our next meal was going to come from. It was during this time that I surrendered to the call of God and gave my life to my Lord, Jesus Christ. Life was pretty simple then, we had nothing but we prayed and our needs were provided in many small miraculous ways.

In my forties I was blessed with a secure job and more than adequate income and gradually became a victim of that life sucking illness called affluence. The more I had, the more I seemed to need. During these years I put God on the shelf, along with my unused Bible, and forgot all the wonders and miracles that I had witnessed such a short time before. Somewhere along the line I had started to buy into the mindset that it wasn’t enough to have a secure house, food and clothing. I needed to have a tastefully decorated home, special coffee blends and this seasons designs and colors.

None of these things made me happy though because as long I was looking to those things to make me feel good, I was aware that there was someone else who had something a little nicer or better.

My search for peace and contentment finally brought me full circle back to God. One day, looking in the mirror I realized I wasn’t created for my own pleasure, I was created to have a relationship with my Creator. By giving my life back to Him, I found the joy and peace that was missing in the midst of the material things I had been accumulating.

Reading the Bible, getting to know Him better, following Him, led me to look for ways to share the love I had found. This brought me to San Felipe because it was place where I could simplify my personal needs and have more time and resources to help others. It brought me to the work of Volunteers Without Limits, helping provide food to the hungry and vital nutritional supplements and diapers for the children with disabilities. It has also lead me to create the Reluctant Fundraiser as a Facebook page and website dedicated to promoting the good work that is being carried on by all of the non-profit/philanthropic organizations in San Felipe. I found that there isn’t enough time, energy or money to get personally involved in each of these but I can spread the word and help others know about them.

Basically, I think they are all striving for the same purpose: to help improve the lives of other people and God’s creatures. They are seeking to bring healing, freedom from hunger, better housing, education, loving care for children, better treatment of our animal friends and more respect for the planet we have been blessed with. With God’s guidance and help, it is good to be a part of this work.”

To see how you can help Susan help those in need, visit https://www.facebook.com/VolunteersWithoutLimits

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