Horse Is Power and Freedom

wendy's horse

Wendy Doman is a guest writer and Holistic health practitioner and spiritual teacher. Her business is called “Crystal Blue Healing and Teaching”. She shares her 20 years of experience and knowledge in healing to help her clients heal emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Horse represents Power, Freedom, Loyalty, Wisdom, Strength and Travel.

Actually horse is one of the first animal medicines of civilization. It has been associated with both burial and birth. In Hindu tradition the sun god is pulled by stallions as well as Apollo in Greek mythology. In Shamanic practices horse flies shamans to the heavens. In Chinese astrology horse is associated with appeal and persuasiveness. The stallion is used as a symbol for sexual desires. Also the colour of the horse is very important to determine its symbolic meaning. The white horse is a symbol of light, spiritual illumination. A black horse can indicate death, magic, destruction. According to Medicine cards, If horse shows up in your life then it means you may be embarking on an unexpected journey and you may have to move fast once started. Free yourself from emotional or physical restrictions of life. Use the power you have in reserve as we all have it. Strive for more balance in your life.

When man first rode they were able to embark on new journeys and ride in new directions which gave them freedom and power.  There are some legends that believe the horse is clairvoyant and can recognize one who is involved with magic and healing.  Personally I believe this because of my experiences with horses.  They know who to trust and who to buck.  They are very loyal to the ones they do trust.  Horse for me is standing strong in my power and power brings wisdom.  With this you can be free and stride through life with grace and balance.

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