Teresa Crane is a guest writer and spiritualist who uses the tarot to share her observations of the metaphysical.  


XIX Awakening/The Sun

“The Sun is the radiating Light of Lifeforce come to Earth…  It is transformative as well as life-giving.  We can use its energy (in a spiritual sense) to claim ‘there is no more pain’…it has ceased for all this new age…and we can use that energy to change into art, music, poetry, prose…remaining love at its core, like a rose unfolding…  Let it shine on you, in you, through you…and transform you…

This, my friends, is the month to (re)discover the Truth that We Are One.  A time to be re-minded that we have begun a New Age.  We are nine months down the pike.  Have we so soon forgotten?  We ARE One, I AM (the) One.  That Which IS (G-awed) is Unity.  There is no need to ‘be unified’ for we already Are.  That mystical quest for unity is just our attempt to Re-Member what already Is.  But that, in and of itself, suggests a state of innocence and purity being attained.  Go for it.  There is Joy to be had.  There is happiness as well as success…positive attainment and good health as well…  Relationships will be blessed with shared happiness and prosperity (ah, the harvest!).  Efforts are coming to fruition (gather that harvest!).

Of course, it will be uncomfortable for a while once the decision is made to move on out, into the sun…tight, feeling upside down—all that awkwardness—but to breathe for the first time, to see…oh yeah, it will be worth it.  Give your eyes—all your senses—time to adjust.  Don’t panic.  You aren’t alone.  Someone will come along and swaddle you and sing to you.  *grin*  Light is eternal.  Darkness is temporary.  You will Know…and you will be Known.  What greater possibility is there?

Use this time to explore your creativity and positive new ideas for the future, for they will flourish when you are in touch with the vitalizing and nurturing force of your own inner spiritual Sun.

YOU are a spark of the Infinite.” –Teresa. Z. Crane (C)

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