“A Day At The Beach”

Stacy's photo for articleAnastasia McNeal is a guest writer who shares her gentle observations of life through prose.

A DAY AT THE BEACH by Anastasia McNeal

He wants to drink from the little stream urgently today; it’s too hot, even in our canopied forest.

As is our routine now, I carry him like a cherished, delicate old doll as I navigate down the steep embankment to the water, where I place him in the same spot, a spot he knows. Then I think to collect & pile several broken, dry pine branches which fell in early Spring and still litter the edge of the little brook.

Not even a minute of sticks, then the splash.

I turn to see him stand and shake off the quick tumble of inches he made from the mossy edge into the drink, his wet tail drooping and pinned with tiny fragments of wet leaves. His look is characteristically straight and level and composed, but he has also has a new expression:

I watch as he proceeds to step delicately among the uneven and slippery stones to a flattened and petite stoney ledge; I marvel as I see him politely settle and from where I snap the serene image of his triumph.

Today, he has shown and as well as reminded me that we rarely know where our lives may—suddenly—-be headed or what may await us around the next bend. His actions gracefully suggest to stay open and optimistic, and bravely make the best of it. Now.

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