Reflection and Choice

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“Reflection holds you in the warm glow of Time.  It is a momentary pause to pivot on point and to consider life’s projection from its shadow.”— Stacey DiTata Feature Writer and Editor of Sown Seeds

The shadow isn’t a dark place to be feared.  To pause, to reflect and to choose are bright invitations to this place of self discovery.  Staggering and stumbling can be momentary reactions to the darkness, but they can also fill a lifetime.  To transition from confusion into a pattern that flows is a mindful action and can be achieved through awareness of behavior.

Joyce B. Wilde, M.S. is a psychologist and writer who helps creative professionals and those in transition.  She is the author of the forthcoming book “The Wilde Woman’s Guide to Organizing in Five Simple Steps”.  She helps people physically organize themselves and understand the emotional and mental causes of disorganization.  She shows how to use her five habits with mindfulness and compassionate communication.  She reminds us of choice and self-forgiveness in her latest blog post, “The Power of Mindfulness when Transitioning”.  You can read more of her writings at:

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